Technology and The Future of Air Freight


Air Freight Forwarders must manage all facets of their air cargo activities efficiently and effectively. As a result of their customers benefiting from their smooth processes, successful technology solutions allow them to expand their market. Additionally, air freight forwarders must screen each shipment before bonus rewards are recovered, and profitability is maximized. 

Effective sales control and management: The whole Air Freight industry is predicated on consignment tracking and financial management. Automated programs not only guarantee consistency but also streamline the revenue processing process for each consignment.

Assuring consumer delight by effective consignment handling: Customer loyalty is non-negotiable. If the customer receives daily reports on the status of the consignments, this alleviates concern and creates trust in the forwarder’s systems and services.

Compliance with all IATA specifications: If compatible with current standards and compliance with IATA requirements, this would significantly benefit because it would eliminate the possibility of the forwarder’s program being obsolete.

Separate systems for export and import air freight shipments may result in clumsy reporting and misunderstanding. As export and import are two distinct aspects of the air freight business, it is prudent to have a single piece of software capable of handling both types of operations, both for ease of use and the creation of intelligent reports.

What Is Tracking Air Freight?

Airfreight tracking is a service that many air freight providers provide to provide their clients with knowledge about the status of their freight at any given time, from the time it leaves its location and the time it arrives at its destination.

Many users can access the freight company’s website and, by simply entering their waybill number, obtain the precise location of their shipment at any time.

However, if you do an internet search for “air freight tracking,” you will discover many pages that will tell you where your goods are by either entering your waybill information or just clicking on the Air Freight Company that is shipping your goods.

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